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Sunday Morning Service
10:30- 12:00
All Age

New Year's Eve Special: Psalm 145

This Sunday morning is the last Sunday morning service of 2017. This will be an hour-long, all aged service, where we give thanks to God for His faithfulness throughout the year. I need a lot of help, please. We will be using Psalm 145 as the springboard to our prayers on Sunday, so you will find a printed copy of the psalm on the church chairs. What I would like, please, is if as many of us as possible could choose one verse from the psalm and use it as a prayer to say aloud. You may want to take that chosen verse and add your own brief prayer to it (no more than a sentence or two). We can pray for global events, national or local issues, including giving thanks for the SHBC family. I will have the ‘roving’ microphone so you can stay seated or stand to say your brief prayer. An example might be: “The eyes of all look to you, and you give them their food at the proper time (v.15)” Lord, we thank you for your all faithful provision for us throughout 2017.’

I feel this would be a wonderful and powerful means of giving thanks to God, as the diverse body of Christ, during the service. So, if you have time this week, do have a read of Psalm 145 (attached!) and come along on Sunday inspired and ready to share a brief something.


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