The idea of the Station Hill choir is to add another dimension to worship, to help the congregation see and experience God from a place of quiet. The choir sings regularly but not frequently, at special services or as part of Sunday services.

My vision is to enable as many people as possible to be involved in the choir at some time but, allowing for availability and ability, expecting the size and composition of the group to change on each occasion; it could be a few people it could be 20. Some pieces will require a single rehearsal, others many more.

We started with a simple song in unison which we sang during communion. We then performed a couple of pieces for our Christmas carol service. It was quite a new experience for Station Hillers to take part in so much 4 part singing!!

There will be lots of opportunities to become involved in the choir as we sing a number of songs requiring between one and three rehearsals. To date I have been delighted to discover how many people have a gift for singing. Come and join us for one of our pieces. We particularly need more men, especially those with tenor voices.


Caroline Hiorns
Leader, SHBC Choir

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