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Mark & Ruth Provis, France


                                          Mark, Ruth Elijah and Noah Provis 

Mark, Ruth, Elijah and Noah Provis

Provis Progress - June 2017


                               Transforming Lives: Equipping the Body

Constructing Community

One Meal at a Time

We have now settled into a weekly routine, that is full and fun! As a community each morning we begin with worship and/or intercession or reading the Bible together. These are sweet times together, and we are amazed at how no 2 mornings are the same. God communicates with us differently but also consistently, in that He is always building on the last thing that He showed us. 

On a Tuesday evening, we have 'family dinner', which is where the single staff and volunteers are invited into the homes of the families for the evening meal. Some families have the meal that is cooked at the base brought to them, others like us, cook their own. The conversation around the table is themed on what God is teaching them, or what they thought of any prophetic words that have been shared as a community, and then we pray for one another. It is a really good time together and deepens the relationships we have with one another. 

On Wednesday lunch time, there is 'Women's lunch', and on a Thursday there is 'Men's lunch', which if for the long term staff. It is a time of mutual discipleship, of sharing and encouraging one another, and talking about 'things' that we wouldn't ordinarily talk about. This week we ladies talked about the expectations that we can have towards our wedding day, and how to have Godly expectations. Sometimes we laugh a lot, and sometimes we cry with each other. The men obviously cry a lot too....

On Thursday evenings we have "Open Heavens", which is a time of worship and waiting on God that is open to the public. People have come from as far as Montpellier for these evenings, and in the past we have seen non-Christians coming and being really touched by God's presence, so much so they have decided to follow Jesus. Others have been physically healed. 

On Friday mornings we go to the local Catholic church and worship for half an hour. It is quite surreal as the church is really old and has the bones of St Hippolyte himself in the altar! But, it is such an opportunity! People come in and either just listen to the worship and leave, or we get to talk with them and pray for them. Many come back each week. Now it is summer, the big main doors will be open, thus filling the Friday market with songs about God! We then all go out into the marketplace and build relationships with the market stall holders. Mark has already found the 'Piment man', and has swapped chilli sauce.

Equipping the Body

Staff Developmnet - Announcing our Vision

Every week here at Bridges of Life we have a time of staff development, which as the name suggests, is a time for the staff team to develop and to grow. During the month of May I (Mark) had the opportunity to lead three of our staff development sessions on the subject of raising support.

This is a hugely important subject for us because as YWAM staff, nobody receives a salary and is responsible for their own finances. But as in most walks of life, the subject of money is rarely spoken about and is taught on even less, leaving most people to figure things out for themselves.

A big challenge that we face is changing our understanding that raising support is not begging but rather announcing our vision and inviting others into it.

I think that author and theologian, Henri Nouwen put it best when he defined raising support as:
‘Proclaiming what we believe in such a way that we offer other people an opportunity to participate with us in our vision and mission.’

In our last newsletter, we wrote about how instead of thinking in terms of 'missions', we should  think instead of how we enter into God's mission that began with His promise to Abraham, and that through him being a blessing, every nation would be blessed, and how this is fulfilled through Christ and our taking Him to the nations in our being, doing & telling. As missionaries our support raising is more than asking people for money, it is providing an opportunity for many more people to enter into the mission of God.

Home Visit

6th - 24th July

We will be back on English soil for a little over 2 weeks in July. It would be great to see as many of you as possible during our visit. If you would like to meet with us personally, please feel free to get in touch and we'll make a date.

There will be a fellowship lunch after the service on the 9th of July at Station Hill Baptist Church. We are looking forward to being able to share a meal with as many of our church family as possible. More details to follow.

We will also be hosting an evening at Station Hill Baptist Church on Sunday 16th July at 7pm, where we will be sharing about our work in France over coffee & cake. Please do invite friends, family, colleagues etc to come along.

If you would like us to share at any other groups or meetings that you are involved with during our stay, please do invite us.

What are we Reading?



Discover Your Ture North

Becoming an Authentic Leader

Bill George

Discover Your True North is a leadership classic for all generations. In guiding you toward your own True North — the internal compass that guides you through life — Bill George also skillfully encourages principled global leadership. Authentic leaders change each other, and the world, for the better.

Each chapter delves into the life stories of 101 global leaders who exemplify its lessons. Culled from Bill’s personal interviews with diverse leaders like Arianna Huffington and Warren Buffett, these stories will clarify your understanding of each principle. In clear, compelling prose, Bill then guides you through observations and questions that set you on the path toward your own True North.






















  • For Eli, who has his exams at the end of the month
  • For Mark as he travels to and from Texas.
  • For the September One Thing DTS, for students and staff.
  • For us to continue with the good relationships we have started building locally.


  • Eli's mock exam results were good and informative on what he needs to concentrate on.
  • We now have 6 confirmed students, 2 in the process and another 3 that we are in discussion with. We now have 3 staff!
  • For the good relationships we are building with our team.




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The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.

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