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Rich & Harriet Byatt, Torquay Devon

Rich and Harriet moved to Torquay in February 2016, to explore what a new expression of intentional Christian community might look like, with their friends Nathan and Brigit Kiyaga.  The conversation is continuing as the friendship continues to grow, and there's been a lot of change in the process of landing and starting to settle in, with new home, jobs, fellowship and friendships growing.  After temporary jobs for both, Rich is testing opportunities to run his own business offering his knowledge, skills and experience to those embracing change and transformation in their businesses, and Harriet will be maternity-cover HR administering in a local building company for a season at least - God has provided amazingly, and we're very much stepping out of comfort zones seeking to be radically, counter-culturally obedient to Him - watch this space!

Rich moved from Chippenham to Cheltenham in November 2010, to take the role of Operations Manager at Holy Trinity Church (Trinity Cheltenham), seeking to keep everything running as smoothly and safely as possible.  Previous to the move to Cheltenham, Rich was part of Station Hill Baptist Church for almost 5 years, retaining his home church status during a year on Lee Abbey’s Devon community from 2009 until April 2010.  He was part of the AV/setup team, performed in a Christmas sketch, and took part on two short-term mission trips to Senegal (in 2009 and 2010).

Rich & Harriet met at Lee Abbey and were married in Cheltenham in May 2011.  Harriet pursued an access course and successfully completed the first year of a teacher training degree, but discontinued those studies in 2013 and in obedience to God submitted to an extended season of stripping back, and some deep foundational remoulding with her maker; she enjoyed a brief time as resident house-matron at Cheltenham College before our move to Torquay.  Rich completed a post-grad diploma in Kingdom Theology with WTC whilst in Cheltenham.  Both Harriet and Rich are also in the process of learning Emotional Logic, a method of harnessing unpleasant emotions during times of change and hurt and turning them to their useful purposes - this is expected to have great use within whatever expression(s) of community involvement transpires.

Your prayers and insight for wisdom, discernment, strength and courage to follow His plans for our time in the Torbay area would be great!

"We feel very at home reconnecting with our SHBC family, and value greatly the ongoing prayer, support and friendship we always find there." 

 Rich & Harriet x

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