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  • Hello and welcome to Station Hill Baptist Church!

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    SHBC is a diverse community of people who seek to make Jesus Christ their greatest treasure and their deepest joy.

    Currently, due to Government restrictions and guidelines concerning the Coronavirus, we 'meet' online on Sunday mornings AND in the church building itself. We have a Sunday Morning Live Stream from 10.30am and also for our Bible reading, reflection and prayer sessions on Tuesday and Saturday mornings from 9.00am. To join, click on the links in the online calendar.

    Besides the online Live Stream on Sundays, the church is open for people to attend the morning service in person at SHBC.

    Coronavirus regulations and protocols will be observed during services, including sanitising, track and trace, social distancing and socialising inside the building. Please do not attend the service if you have, or may have, Covid-19 symptoms yourself or have been in recent contact with someone with Covid-19.  All attendees are asked to follow Government guidance on self-isolation after symptoms and/or positive text/contact tracing/returning from foreign travel. As Covid cases are again on the increase, we want everyone to continue with many of the guidelines for a few months longer, as follows…

    Masks— Wearing face masks to Station Hill is recommended but is no longer complulsory, being regarded as a matter of personal choice. Congregational singing is now allowed without wearing a face mask.

    Sanitising – Please would everyone continue to use the sanitising gel that will be available at the entrance & in the toilets…

    Refreshments – As we are now allowed to serve these, please would folks use the one-way system through the café, collecting their tea/coffee and return to the main hall rather than congregate in the café. A trolly will be placed in the hall for dirty cups to be left on, to avoid returning to the café. All the crockery & cutlery utilised will be passed through the dishwasher both before & after each event by those on the coffee rota…

    Covid Event Checklist – we shall continue to require all event/service hosts to complete the Covid checklist…

    Seating – Whilst folks will no longer need to book a place, more seating will be available in rows towards the front and there will still be plenty of room for seating to be more spaced out towards the rear…

    Social distancing - Whilst social distancing is no longer a requirement, and hugging is now permitted, we should ask that folks continue to respect people’s personal space. To help with this we have some lovely stickers saying 

    Red = NO hugs thank you     or     Green = Happy to hug 

    which will be available at the entrance. So before you hug anyone, please check the recipient of your embrace is willing to receive it in this way. A lovely smile can still convey great love!

    Currently, many of our usual programs have been suspended due to the present circumstances - but we trust these will be back and running in due course! Details of services and active programs which ARE happening each week are on the online calendar.

    Also, please keep an eye (and click LIKE) on our Facebook page which you can access by clicking on the Facebook image below. Otherwise, please do browse through this site for more info about us.

    If you have any questions or comments we would love to hear from you. God bless.

    Email: hottchurch@gmail.com

    Phone: 01249 654303




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