SHBC Covenant

Since the first Baptists covenanted together in the early 1600s, we believe that the commitment to love one another, to serve the community and to glorify God is at the heart our ecclesiology, underpinning all that we are and do. At least twice a year we reaffirm our covenant:

“We join together as a community of people who believe in Jesus Christ and acknowledge Him to be our Saviour and Lord; to renew our allegiance to Him and to one another. We commit to love, admonish and encourage one another in our journey with Christ, helping each other to grow in faith, joy, and holiness. We will seek to be worthy of our calling: proclaiming His word, observing His ordinances, labouring together for the salvation of men, women and children - for the glory of God and the common good of all humankind. By His grace we now declare that we will seek to do these things. Amen”

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