Radical Believers

Paul Beasley-Murray, in his book "Radical Believers," writes: 'The Baptist way of being church is not just one of several options open to us. Our study of God's Word leads us to believe that this is God's way for living our life together. It is in this sense that Baptists are true radical believers. For Baptists believe in getting back to the roots of the Christian faith (radix = root) - which in turn means that Baptists seek to root their life together in the Word of God.' 

Radical Believers is a 10 week course, reading through and discussing each of the 10 chapters of Beasley-Murray's important book on Baptist ecclesiology. The course covers important topics including belivers' baptism, communion, worship, authority and mission. 

Therefore, Radical Believers is a great way for those new to SHBC who would like to get to know others in the church, understand why Baptists do the things they do, are considering baptism or thinking about the responsibilities of church membership. It is also a helpful way of reminding long-time Baptist Christians of their radical heritage and history.

To find out more about the course and when the next one is taking place, drop us a line!

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