Sundays for kids - Eden Kids

Eden Kids and Youth

We were created to commune with God an enjoy Him. The Garden of Delights - or Eden - was the Lord's original purpose for us all; to walk and talk with Him daily, being continually in his presence. Eden Academy's vision for our children, therefore, is to nurture, teach, encourage and lead the way back to an Eden-style relationship with God, through faith in Christ. 

The various groups in The Eden Kids/Youth follow the school key-stage template:

Crechefor new-born to 4 years. Like seedlings, we'll be planting and rooting our little ones in Christ and His Word! 

Eden Kids; for children in Reception and Key Stages 1 & 2. Most Sunday mornings, for around an hour, the children will go to the first floor lounge, with the Eden Leaders, for a time of play, activities and exploring different aspects of the Bible and what it means to follow Jesus.

Eden Youth; for Secondary school aged young people, up to and including year 10. On some Sunday mornings, the young people will go the the church loft space to chat, play games and discuss important issues aound the Christian faith.


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